Panfilo: Restaurant in Caorle

Inside Hotel Touring there is a breakfast room where every morning is served a rich breakfast buffet.

For all the guests that book also the half board service, the hotel takes advantage of the very good service given by Restaurant Panfilo (here the menù). The restaurant is really easy to reach because situated only 30 m far from the hotel, at Panfilo from 7 pm to 8 pm the guests can have savory dinners in the reserved area, choosing among the many proposals of the buffet. Usually there are always two/three main courses, second courses, side dishes and desserts (drinks are not included in the half board service).

The restaurant is also open to the public, not only to hotel’s guests, and every day at lunch and dinner it offers a good choice of meat and fish based dishes and pizzas.

Having lunch at Panfilo restaurant is convenient thanks to its position on Caorle seafront overlooking Ponente beach, that makes the restaurant the perfect location for a fast pizza or a main course tasted with calm before coming back to sunbathe on the beach. And the restaurant is also a snack bar and ice cream parlor: the best for an energizing break.

At night people have dinner under a starry sky, often gladden by the entertainment of the music: in fact periodically, one or two times per week, at Restaurant Panfilo music groups and singers exhibit to enjoy our guests’ nights with fun and entertainments.

For the hotel guests it is available a 10% discount on the total price of your bill when you order from à la carte menu.

Discover Restaurant Panfilo through the virtual tour